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Nasze kursy

French tracks in Warsaw


Every nation builds its relations with other nations. Some of them are stronger and last longer, and some are temporary. Relations always leave tracks: places, monuments, buildings, streets…The same things happened to Poland, particularly Warsaw. There are many tracks of friendship with other nations. Let’s follow French tracks in Warsaw...


Francuska (French) StreetIt’s a beautiful street, built up by pre-war villas and tenement houses in the heart of right-bank Warsaw. It was established in 1930s. Its name comes from Polish and French alliance. There are Paryska (Paris) and Wersalska (Versailles) Streets nearby. Francuska Street, together with its surroundings, is often chosen by Polish artists, scientists and even French people. Le Lycée Français de Varsovie and many embassies are there. When walking in Francuska Street it will surely be possible to hear fans’ chants, as a modern National Stadium is being built nearby. An opening match of the 2012 Euro Cup will be held there.


Marshal Ferdinand Foch StreetIt’s one of the youngest streets in Warsaw, although it existed in pre-war Warsaw. Its reopening took place on 1 June 2010. Foch was a French, English and Polish marshal.  He also was a great friend of Poles and contributed to a rebirth of independent Poland after 1920. Notice! We pronounce the general’s surname as Fosz, therefore we say Fosz Street and not Foch (which by the way is said in Polish in time of great discontent). In order to avoid misunderstanding, the street name bears the military title of Ferdinand Foch.


Charles de Gaulle monumentIt’s situated in the very centre of Warsaw, near the roundabout bearing the same name. . It’s a replica of the monument from the Champs-Élysées in Paris. In Warsaw the monument was placed on the Royal Route – a very prestigious place. Behind it there is the Stock Exchange building, which used to belong to the Polish United Workers’ Party.


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